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For there is a new cartoon.


New Toons …


Two of ‘em. One in the August issue of Reader’s Digest Canada. Another in the August issue of Reader’s Digest India. Catch them if you can.



Aka a new cartoon for you. Concerning that majestic mongrel of yore. View it here.



middle shelf review

There’s a brand-new review of Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat in Shelf Unbound’s new magazine, Middle Shelf. Peruse it here.



The Bug-Eyed Lady

“I’m terrified of her.”

My Mistress had been lying in the Rose Parlor, in silence, for some minutes. Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling.

“To whom are you referring?” I asked.

She turned her head.

“The Bug-Eyed Lady.”

I had never met a woman of that appellation. I waited. It seemed probable that my Mistress would offer more information. When asking is not redundant, it is impertinent.

“One time, I was under the piano. The Bug-Eyed Lady had just gone home. ‘Why are you afraid of her?’ said Mother, bending down. I didn’t say anything. ‘Well?’ I still didn’t say anything. ‘I hope it’s not because of her eyes? You know, it’s a disorder. It’s a nervous condition.’ But … I just couldn’t say anything.”

My Mistress observed the ceiling. Like the parlor walls, they are pink in color. She closed her eyes for several minutes. When she opened them, she spoke:

“I was walking home from school. With a friend. She was supposed to pick up something. A package, or something. She picked it up … and we were walking home. We turned a corner…

“And there she was. Getting out of her car. When she saw me … she smiled.

“‘Oh my God!’” I screamed. ‘It’s the Bug-Eyed Lady!’

“She dropped her package, my friend. The woman… Her smile collapsed. She looked … as wounded as a person could look. Something in her fell down. She looked so broken.

“As fast as we could, we ran off.

“The next day, maybe. Mother came to my room. She stood there. She looked at me.

“‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself,’ she said, very slowly. She stood there a long while, watching me. Then she turned. She left the room.

“And I was. I was ashamed of myself. More than I’d ever been. More than I have ever been. I felt so ashamed.”

My Mistress closed her eyes.

“I still do,” she whispered.




A happy new review of Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat can be found in the newest issue of Transition. Purruse it below.

transition review


Order a copy here. Or pick up a signed copy (in Regina) at Chapters or The Artful Dodger.




… aka a new cartoon, for you. View it.





I have a cartoon in the new issue of Adbusters, on newsstands now. I drew it just for you. You should probably examine it.




There is a Tunnel Somewhere Where

There is a tunnel somewhere where

sleep     the green     ideas

of the geniuses

who missed          an hour     to turn

to words

their verdure


I’m tunnelling


for golden vein     of green



and tunnelling


Only the worst sorts of people read in the bathtub. Prisons are filled with them.


In today’s QC, I talk a little about Staticy Cats.



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