The “Law de Doppelganger,” as it were, as most everyone knows by now, dictates that each of us has, somewhere on this wild planet, a nonbiological twin; and that, if one of the twins is good, the other must by default be BP CEO Tony HaywardChaplin had HitlerCourtney Love had Courtney Love, etc.

I’d been mulling the notion over, ever since running into my own doppelganger, a curmudgeonly “sandwich artist” by the name of Roopa, a number of weeks ago.  But then I found other things to mull over (the persistence of time, and bill collectors) and forgot clean about it.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I was contacted by a librarian, one Amanda Halfpenny, who pointed out the remarkable similarity of appearance between herself and the Miss Halfpenny (also a librarian) of my recent post, who I caught reading Plum Stuff.  It IS slightly astonishing, and I invite you to investigate for yourself

Of course, if the Law de Doppelganger holds true in this case as well – and I see no reason why it shouldn’t – one of the two Halfpenny’s must be at least slightly evil.  But I’ll leave you, dear reader, to decide which