This, as best I can tell, is a pickle giving its young a “piggy-back.”  

Tomorrow – less coffee. I’ve been triggering seismographs as far away as Honolulu.

Alright, just one more cup …


2 thoughts on “I HAVE DRAWN #2 – THE PICKLE-BACK

  1. Very amusing, of course. Do you have a garden? My garden is rather boring. It is all in pots that are taller than my dog can pee. Don’t have pickles picklebacking, though. My zucchini plants have ants… But what they need are bees. Bees seem to be in short supply on account of the cold wet spring we had. 8(

    The male flowers on stalks have pollen. The female flowers on the little fruit buds have nectar. I have to arrange for the male flowers on the zucchini plants meet up with the female flowers because otherwise the ants steal all the pollen and the poor zucchini fruit shrivel up and die a horrible death.

    It’s rather a horrid procedure involving ripping off the male petals and… Suddenly I had a flashback to an animated scene in the movie Pink Floyd, The Wall.

    Well, thank heavens for carrots and beets.

  2. My garden’s mostly dill, so when I stroll through it, I think of pickles. Probably explains a lot.

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