… who I once dreamed was my grandfather. And what a disappointment, waking up, to realize he wasn’t, and that my real grandfather was plain old Lon Chaney Jr.  Sigh …


6 thoughts on “I HAVE DRAWN #4: MR. VINCENT PRICE …

    1. Many thanks. This one’s india ink, pencil crayon, crayon, and pastel. Whatever I could reach without getting up.

  1. You have created another instant fan.

    Didn’t even need to add water.

    Saving blog address to Favourites….


    1. Wow – kind! I’ve checked your site too, Holly, and must say the “Whitemare” is fantastic! I’ll visit again soon.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site. 8)
    Do you Facebook? I posted a link to this site there on my profile. I only post stuff I like.
    I like your stuff so much I would like to post a link to your blog on my blog, if that is okay.

    PS: After reading “(Casually) Drowned” I was so amused (especially by the last two lines), I had intended to use that word ‘insouciance’ several times today (because it is my one day off this week), but I found I had to think carefully about the pronunciation and how to use it in a sentence. But the irony about it all was still amusing. And now everytime I just think of the word, I giggle. My husband looks at me strangely, but that’s normal.

  3. By all means, Holly, link to my blog (I’m flattered). I’ve done the same, and added you to my “Blogs Worth Reading” list at the right.

    Insouciance IS terribly fun to say. A fancy mouthful. Like eating quiche.

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