I’ll be reading things from Plum Stuff on the 23rd, at the Orange Izzy. Make it. 


5 thoughts on “VERTIGO

    1. Thank-you, B. The highway to Earl Grey is, I believe, the worst highway in the universe. But the tea is delicious.

  1. Ha! It *is* the worst “highway” ever! And it used to be a really nice stretch of pavement, back in the day. Eeks! That’d be lots and lots of days back, I guess. I haven’t lived there in more than 30 years now.

    Does that make me old?

    1. Now, I’VE lived here for 30 years, and can’t recollect it having ever been traversable. I guess that DOES make you pretty ancient, B. Actually, I have foggy memories of village elders talking about the bygone beauties of the road to Earl Grey, and shaking their gray locks in despair …

  2. Haha! It was never equal to the 1 or the 11 but it was, at one point, at least as good as the 20. But that’s getting closer to 40 years ago, perhaps. Oy!

    I traveled it frequently for sporting events during my high school years. And, Southey always had live bands at their school dances!

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