The Light Hotel

I am sleeping in the light hotel. It is just so … light.

I’m flying.

Though it’s silent, in the light hotel, if I close my eyes (and of course my eyes are closed), and I listen, I can hear something. Perhaps … running water? The breath, of someone? But most likely, the air. The rushing air.

I am so high up, now. I can see Richmond, Virginia. I can see many small towns, and cities. Seeing, even, with my eyes closed.

When we arrive at ā€“ (I am drawing a blank) ā€“ I will unpack my sandals, and my swimming trunks. Then I will lie at the point where the sand and the unknown ocean form a waving line. I will lie there, with my legs in the unknown ocean, and my torso in the sand. With my arms stretched out, in sand.

Higher, and higher. More … and more. I can see Lima, Peru. I can see Thailand. If I am fortunate, or unfortunate, I will see everything. There will truly be no limit.

I’m flying.

I will one day wake up. I have dreamed so many things … but this, is my dream. It will be so much like any other day. My eyes, will open. They will open. Again. I will look on you all again. We will one day all meet, again.

Believe me.


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