The only kid I ever really identified with was Bacon Bones. His head was too big. It was sort of like a stomach-sized head. He went from being a shy, big-headed kid to a total shithead. He was bullied so much about his big head that he hurt too much for just one kid, and needed to hurt other kids. But he never hurt me. He even once defended me from people. Then he got so violent he got thrown out of school. He lives in a hospital.


4 thoughts on “BACON BONES

  1. It was a very ancient lady who once told me of her London childhood, and of a boy who was tormented as “Bacon Bones” – in part because of his great size, in part because his proper name, which escapes me, sounded very close to Bacon Bones. She also told me about a girl, Grace N. Elbrow, who was teased as “Greasy Elbow.” But that story’s yet to be written.

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