God pulled Mom up through the ceiling. Her necklace fell down and her white dress floated down. Nothing else came down.

I put on Mom’s dress and her gold necklace. There’s two stools in the living room, I pushed the one stool into the bathroom and stood on it and looked in the mirror. I looked like my mom but littler. My hair was messier. The dress looked pretty big. I looked like the egg yellow in the middle of a spread-out egg.

Then I got down and pushed the stool back to the living room. Then I sat the other stool on top of it. Then I put two pillows on top of that. When my tower’s done I can climb up through the ceiling too.

I am not scared. I just really miss my mom.


From  I Am Currently Working On a Novel, the new book of stories by Rolli. Check it out.



9 thoughts on “THE INHERITANCE

  1. I think you pitched the kid’s voice perfectly. Love the line about the egg looking dress. This kid is very scared i think. Who wouldn’t be, attempting to follow mum through the ceiling. Great job.

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