Had a wife. Lost her. Got another one. Lost that one, too.

Got a dog. A black dog with white spots. Splendid dog. Got a second splendid dog with black spots. Walked them around and around the block. Got a new blue jacket with lots of buttons. Splendid buttons. Every night walk around and around the block with my splendid dogs and splendid coat with the twelve buttons.

Am I happier than the other lone men, with their splendid dogs, and dozen-button jackets?

Well, I’ve never asked them. If they’re happy or not.

Tinsel! Tinsel! Crumb!


From I Am Currently Working On a Novel, the new flash fiction collection by Rolli.



11 thoughts on “SPLENDID DOGS

  1. Ahh, Rolli: Another piece of provocative fiction, or is it? Is he happy? Why does he not ask the other men if they are happy? Me thinks it’s because he is not and he knows that they, in their isolation, are not as well. Hmmm.

  2. You voice inhabits the words. Do you make a habit of this? Very clever, without being clever, while remaining simple, if you see what I mean. Anyway, keep tweeting. Enjoyment was had. Couldn’t work out the ending, but I did. Two dogs. Not one being offered a crumb. Or is it…

    1. You are a kind man, Justin Sayings, very kind. A clever one, too – very clever. Thank-you.

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