I was sleeping. I had been sleeping. In … a moving chair. A rocking, chair. A tall clock of white. This was next to me. A white cat, on my lap. Sleeping.

When the girl came into the room, the child, she approached me. She spoke, though I did not hear her speaking. The cat … lifted its head. As if it could hear her, speaking. She lifted the cat. I lifted, my hands. But … felt nothing. I lay my hands, on my lap. In place of the cat.

There was a window, and next to this … a second window. Across the room. Tall, windows. I could hear something. Indistinct. Continuous.

I rose, from the chair. I moved, past several other chairs. Leaning, on each, as I went.

There was so much of … light, in the windows. I moved, so slowly, closer. Then lay my hand on the glass.

I could see … the white sand. I could hear, the ocean. The waves. I could hear them. I could hear the waves.

I grew tired of standing. I was not tired, but no longer wished, to stand. The floor was so much cooler. Sitting, with my legs crossed.

By a glass cabinet, the child was standing. She moved in front of it. She was opening, and then she was closing, the door. As she closed it, I observed … her face. In the glass. She turned around, leaving the door ajar. She said to the woman – there was a woman now, at the side of the cabinet –

“Why is my father like this?”

I could hear her, this time. Distinctly.

The woman … lay her hand on the cabinet door, and closed it. She said nothing, but approached the window. This was … the window on my left, now. The other, window. She looked out the window.

Then there was something, some heaviness. In … my legs. I looked, down. It was the cat. I touched it. I closed my eyes, a moment. When I opened them, the woman – the cat was brushing against her, leg. Like the waves. I looked down. My lap, was empty. Except … for the fine hairs, on my trousers. Which were white. And finer, than the sand. I felt them.

I could hear the waves.

I closed my eyes. For someone was crying.




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