My one uncle is so nice to me I can’t believe it. It’s like he has candies instead of eyes. He’s always smiling, he comes up to me smiling, shakes my hand, and leaves a candy in it. My mom doesn’t really approve of sugar, but sugar doesn’t really care. Sometimes it’s a mint candy with a chocolate center, sometimes a caramel candy with a chocolate center. I’m happy as long as there’s chocolate.

My uncle doesn’t dry up when he touches me. He doesn’t use the Dog Voice or the Cute Toddler Voice. He talks to me. He hugs me and gives me money. Because I can’t do the standard tricks, but I still deserve it. I don’t get an allowance. Even a buck means something. It helps me out.

When my uncle leaves I feel homesick even though I’m home. The calendar gets larger. It’s a big pail I have to fill up with raspberries. I don’t even like raspberries.

I miss my uncle.

Too bad I only see him once a year.



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