“You’re not afraid of tigers, are you Jane?” “Certainly not!”

4 thoughts on “A NEW DRAWING….

  1. This is stunning – I could happily have this on my wall or failing that a t-shirt or mug (even a mousemat if there is no other alternative!) The outline gives it an ethereal quality, quite mystical and I really like the obliviousness of the people living inside the tiger too – a stroke of genius!

    1. Well that is too kind! I’ve never put my artwork on a t-shirt, etc., or even made a print (I’ve only ever sold the originals) but perhaps it’s high time I did. Hmm…

      1. Demand is always going to be difficult to measure. I would love to see some of your stuff on a limited edition Qwertee T-Shirt (www.qwertee.com), I’d happily buy it but most punters vote for Dr Who/Harry Potter/other film/TV stuff. If you do decide to do any shirts or prints then let me know, will happily promote them on my blog for free and will buy some myself!

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