She lay there. He came into the room.




“Yes,” she said.



An empty cup sat between them.


He seemed to keep drinking.



You’re staring.”


He leaned forward.


“Can you do something for me?”


He was solemn.


“Can you promise me something?”


She laughed.


She stopped laughing.


“You ask me. You always ask.”


“I’m asking again.”


She laughed again.




She ran her hand, through her damp hair.


“I won’t even know it’s happening. You won’t. It will happen so slowly again. Again, and again. It will happen.”





Her green dress.



She stood up. She was unsteady. Feeling her way. Making her way, to the door.


He seemed to keep drinking.


She opened the door.


The waves were breaking.


He turned his head.


The edge, of her green dress.



He stood up. He was unsteady.


He moved to the doorway. Feeling his way.


Then he walked out the door.




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