It is so good to have legs. It really is. Dr. Greenman Smythe is a genius. A miracle man. The plastic god, they call him. The angel, of Los Angeles.

When I lived in the sea, it was so easy. We had only to swim, my sisters and I. To sleep, in the coral holes of the sea. The green weeds, eat. Easy. Too easy. I needed, something.

When I saw the women, with their shell necklaces, with their brown skin, when I saw them browning on the sand, I knew. What I wanted. Watching them.

It has been a year, now, since I left the sea. I am not yet a celebrity. My transformation drew little interest. In this city. My neighbor, grows younger each year. Her face – changes. Another, a man, on television, has at last become … his own son. Celebrity, is not important to me. It is merely a dream. The dream, of so many, like me. Children, in a dreaming city.

When I lie by the sea, with the other women, with my shell necklace, when I lie there, browning my skin, I can sometimes see them. My mother, my sisters, lifting their heads out of the sea. Calling me, with their ocean voices. Their voices very like the sea.

But I will not step in the water. It will never, touch my skin.

I am happy now. I am so happy. Having legs.

It is simply too wonderful.