I Am Currently Working on a Novel, by Rolli

A mixed review, which is fine. There’s room in the world for mixed-up people.

Heavy Feather Review

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I Am Currently Working on a Novel, by Rolli. Tightrope Books. 169 pages. $21.95, paper.

The seventy-five stories in mononymous author Rolli’s new flash-fiction collection, I Am Currently Working on a Novel, waver between whimsical and bleak. The best ones are both.

The stories are all bizarre in one way or another, and sitting down to this book feels much like one of those caffeine dreams that is a rapid succession of nonsensical scenarios that are changing so fast you have no choice but to just accept the weirdness. And like any series of dreams, a healthy sprinkling of these stories is nightmares.

Life is hard when you’re a wheeler (I mean a wheelchair person), but the hardest thing about life, I find, is wheeling away from angry bees.

That matter-of-fact treatment of such an unbelievable situation is what ties all the stories together. Below that level, the…

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