“The Sea-Wave” by Rolli (Review)


{ my rating: ★★★★ }

The Sea-Wave by Rolli is a novella narrated by a 12-year-old girl who finds herself abducted. In an effort to record more about her abductor, she picks up her journal and jots down vignettes between the ones she had already written. The vignettes (or pieces of flash fiction) drive the story.

First, I must commend the marketing team behind this book. The excerpt does not twist this novella to be about her escaping or surviving the abduction. It is true to the spirit of the book in that it tells you, first and foremost, that the story is about building character. Mr. Rolli is blessed to have a team that respects his vision so. Since I’m on this topic, I too would like to clarify that the story does not exist to keep you on the edge of your seat on whether the narrator survives or…

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