Review: Kabungo by Rolli

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kabungo25986803Review: Kabungo by Rolli, illustrations by Milan Pavlovic
Source: Hardcopy courtesy of Groundwood Books. Thank you!
Publication: April 5, 2016
Verdict: Very Good/Excellent
Book Description:

Ten-year-old Beverly is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary best friend. Her name is Kabungo, and she lives in a cave on Main Street. No one knows where she comes from or who she really is, but life is never dull when Kabungo is around.

Beverly tries to teach her friend about the ways of the modern world — the importance of teeth brushing, understanding strange holidays like Halloween, learning how to read. But Kabungo doesn’t take well to being civilized, and she can be stubborn, bossy, and plain infuriating. Sometimes Beverly gets so mad that she just wants to move to Cincinnati.

Besides, Kabungo is a skittish cavegirl, and it takes a while to win her trust, even among Star City’s eccentric…

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