Hello, Friends – – –

Did you know there’s only one bookstore in the world owned and operated by someone with a bonafide PhD in Coffee? It’s a Canadian bookstore called The Penny University, run by the famous Dr. Coffee. Her shop is now stocked with signed copies of my new collection of poems and drawings, Plumstuff. Help support indie bookstores by ordering a copy from her wonderful shop: https://shop.pennyu.ca/item/1yMUbTnZaD8-iCVoBOkBqA. Order today and receive a free mini art print.

Have a happy Indie Bookstore Day!

Cheers – – –


6 thoughts on “☕ DR. COFFEE ☕

    1. Thanks for letting me know, friend. I’ll check in with Dr. Coffee and see if that can be changed. If so, I’ll let you know asap. Thanks for your interest 🙂

    2. Hi, friend. I’ve checked in with Dr. Coffee, who found a solution. She says to add the book to your cart, then click check out as guest. On the next page, input your name etc into the fields and in the additional info field type your address. On the payment page, click “contact me for payment.” Dr. Coffee will then send you an invoice with the shipping added. Please let me know if this works – and thanks again for your interest 🙂

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