CHILDREN’S STORY: Excellent Pets



If you’d like to read the full illustrated text of my latest children’s story, “Excellent Pets” (from the May/June issue of Spider), you can do so right here.


REVIEW: Winnipeg Free Press

A great new review of Kabungo in today’s paper:

With an irrepressible heroine whose 10-year-old friend Beverley is clever, funny and compassionate, readers ages seven to 10 will love Kabungo by Regina author Rolli (Groundwood, 173 pages, $15, hardcover).

When Beverley meets Kabungo she is living in a cave on Main Street. Beverley tries to introduce her cave-girl friend to modern customs such as knives and forks, reading and Halloween. But Kabungo’s unpredictable, and her reactions are often negative and always hilarious.

This also a story about friendship — no matter what misunderstandings happen, Kabungo and Beverley always make up. The black and white drawings by Milo Pavlovic, a widely published graphic artist living in Toronto, enliven the humorous text.


The Skippy Warthog


Look at me!)


with the sun

above him.

He’s a warty,


piggy little thing,

but his mother loves him.


What a fine swine,

that Skippy of mine.

Skip, Skippy, skip –


My pride and joy!

My hairy-legged boy!

Oh, skip, Skippy, skip –




The Skippy Warthog


Here I go!)


with the sun

above him.

He’s a zippy,


skinny little thing,

but his mother loves him.


From The Conga Lion, an unpublished collection of jungle-themed children’s poetry.


In the shade of the baobab tree,

where the buru birdie sings,

we could share a bubble pipe

and talk of grown-up things.


“Isn’t summer bright?” I’d say.

“Yes sir,” you’d reply,

pretending it was really fun

to stare into the sky.


“Isn’t coffee nice and hot?”

“Oh, indeed it is –

certainly much better than

a tin of Lemon Fizz.”


“Aren’t the monkeys fierce and quick?”

“Too too true, they are.

Why, just the other afternoon

they chased me in their car.”


“I made twenty jewels today,

For sweeping up the zoo.”

“For looking through a telescope,

I made twenty-two.”


In the shade of the baobab tree,

where the buru birdie sings,

we’d lay down our bubble pipe,

tired of grown-up things,

and join the little monkeys

on their big banana swings.