NEWS: Children’s Story


Here’s a children’s story I donated to a charitable anthology. It’s about rhinoceroses. I’m not sure who drew the pictures, but they’re very good. Link.


CHILDREN’S STORY: Excellent Pets



If you’d like to read the full illustrated text of my latest children’s story, “Excellent Pets” (from the May/June issue of Spider), you can do so right here.


Well…. My first children’s book, Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat, is now available for pre-order, exclusively from It’s a collection of 18 of my best children’s stories, complete with my own original illustrations. The beast will be released in December, but if you pre-order here, you’ll get your paws on it before anyone else, save $2, and instantly receive a digital copy of one of the zaniest tales in the collection, “Handsome and Pretzel.” So why don’t you?