✍️DEAR READERS: A milestone — and a Big Book Giveaway✍️

Good news: my month-old one-man Medium publication Rolli has officially hit 100 subscribers!

To celebrate this milestone, I’m announcing a Big Book Giveaway.

One day next week — it could be any day — I’m going to bury a trivia question at the very end of one of my new posts. The first person to correctly answer that question (by replying to the post) will win a free physical Rolli book of their choice (for your options, visit the Rolli Shop).

In other news, it’s been a busy week…

On Monday — well, I didn’t do anything Monday. I was probably discouraged by Medium’s unfair new policy that steals nearly all of the earnings of its most creative members (aren’t billionaires wonderful?)

On Tuesday, I drew you a cartoon that a famous person loved.

On Wednesday, I told you all about Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat.

On Thursday, I drew you The Big K — one of my favorite directors.

On Friday, I wrote you a short story about my poor friend Mr. Penny.

On Saturday, I told you about one of the best-paying magazines around.

Lastly, on Sunday, I wrote you this letter. I’ll be writing you one every Sunday.

That’s all for now. My coffee needs me.

Your Friend,



Earlier this year, I began writing for blogging site Medium. My poetry, flash fiction and cartoons soon found a sizable audience, and I began to earn consistent, respectable profits for my hard creative work.

Last month, however, Medium executed an unexpected new change in the way it compensates members of its Partner Program. These changes reward creators of long, padded articles, and essentially demonetize shorter content. As nearly all of my posts are poetry, cartoons, or efficient fiction/nonfiction, I’m faring very poorly under this new system. Since the change was implemented, my Partner Program earnings have plummeted by 90%, and hundreds of others are in the boat.

If you want to help, send a tweet or email to Medium CEO Ev Williams (ev@medium.com) and/or to yourfriends@medium.com expressing your displeasure with the unfair new system, and asking them to restore all the missing earnings which have essentially been stolen from its writers. I and others would be so grateful!