A Banana

How can a


be glowing up dere

so golden

and bold in

da night?


Dere must be

a monkey

who lugged it up dere

who licked it

and sticked it

on tight.


From Monkey Shines, an unpublished collection of night-themed children's poetry.




The dusky-leaf monkey, he came from afar,

curled up in the lid of a cinnamon jar.

He sailed the pale ocean on lily-moon beams,

to sprinkle our noses with sweet-smelling dreams.

And now the foul night-smelling ghosts are no more!

O lavender pillows! O peppermint snores!

It’s wonderful what the wee monkey one did,

our dusky-leaf friend, in a cinnamon lid!


From Monkey Shines: Night Poems, an unpublished collection of poetry for children.