CARTOON: Reader’s Digest


I have a cartoon is the May issue of Reader’s Digest (US Edition). On newsstands now.


NEWS: Reader’s Digest

RD USA July 2018 Rise Shine Coffee

Whisper: I have a cartoon in the July/August issue of Reader’s Digest (American Edition), out now. It’s about my favorite thing in the world – coffee.


RDC AG2015

This week…

A new cartoon in the August edition of Reader’s Digest Canada, on newsstands now. You’ll like it.

Plus – a new review of my most recent story collection, I Am Currently Working On a Novel, in the StarPhoenix. Peruse it.

For Your Enjoyment …

RDC NR2014

I have a new cartoon in the November issue of Reader’s Digest Canada. Find it on newsstands now…


Also – you may now read my story “The Ashtray,” which was first published in Geist, on their website for free. Just click here.