REVIEW: “The Flash-Fiction Genius Is Back!”

A stellar new review of The Sea-Wave, courtesy of blogger Ryan Kiedrowski. Take a look.


“Witty, bizarre, imaginative and disturbing…”

… aka a new review of I Am Currently Working on a Novel, courtesy of the Billings Gazette.┬áPeruse it here.




Well…. My first children’s book, Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat, is now available for pre-order, exclusively from It’s a collection of 18 of my best children’s stories, complete with my own original illustrations. The beast will be released in December, but if you pre-order here, you’ll get your paws on it before anyone else, save $2, and instantly receive a digital copy of one of the zaniest tales in the collection, “Handsome and Pretzel.” So why don’t you?


Well, it took long enough, but my most recent story collection, God’s Autobio, has finally been issued in e-book format. At half the price of the paperback, it might just be worth a look. Although only the worst kinds of people read short stories. Prisons are filled with them.