REVIEW: Winnipeg Free Press

A great new review of Kabungo in today’s paper:

With an irrepressible heroine whose 10-year-old friend Beverley is clever, funny and compassionate, readers ages seven to 10 will love Kabungo by Regina author Rolli (Groundwood, 173 pages, $15, hardcover).

When Beverley meets Kabungo she is living in a cave on Main Street. Beverley tries to introduce her cave-girl friend to modern customs such as knives and forks, reading and Halloween. But Kabungo’s unpredictable, and her reactions are often negative and always hilarious.

This also a story about friendship — no matter what misunderstandings happen, Kabungo and Beverley always make up. The black and white drawings by Milo Pavlovic, a widely published graphic artist living in Toronto, enliven the humorous text.