Recent Work

Brooklyn, 1:10 a.m. (poem, The New York Times)

Pyle and the Lion (short story, The Saturday Evening Post)

Honest Work (essay, honorable mention in the Medium Writers Challenge) 

The City of Unknown Poets (poem, Short Circuit)

Cahoots II (EP – with Duke Sims)

Bookstore (short story, Sylvia Magazine)

Prefectionist (cartoon, The Wall Street Journal)

Career Goals (cartoon, The Wall Street Journal)

The Bear Under the Bed (children’s story, Short Circuit)

In the Shadows (song)

A Tale of Two Crosbys (article – Medium)

Our Hearts Were Full of Wine (song)

When the Reaper Comes Along (song, Cahoots)

Can’t Keep Me Down Now (song, Cahoots)

Somebody Take Me Home (song, Cahoots)

Warm Fuzzies (essay, Cloud Lake)

One Gum Bubble (children’s story, Short Edition)

Respect (cartoon, Playboy)

A Wrong Opinion (poem, Rattle)

Expensive Coffee (cartoon, Wall Street Journal)

A Brief Chat With a Guy Who Drinks 25 Cups of Coffee Per Day (interview, New York Magazine)

Liz (short story, The Saturday Evening Post)

Everyone Was Drunk That Day (short story, Human Parts)

Let Us Not Even Dream (poem, Rattle)

Mr. Penny’s New Room (short story, Medium)

Adventures with Writers (essay, Human Parts)

Interview (The Illustrators Journal)

Long after midnight (poem for children, Spider)

The Fate of Imaginative Children (essay, Human Parts)

I’m Drunk at Lunch With My Sister (Human Parts)

Bibliomaniac (essay, Qu)

Oswald (short story, Jerry Jazz Musician)

The Jewel Room (short story, The Saturday Evening Post)

Sweet Jimmy (audio fiction, narrated by Melissa Sheldon)

I Remember – Yes – Poetry (poem, Queen’s Quarterly)

Free Speech Being (Nowabouts) (poem – Rattle)

The Moonless Night (children’s poem – Ladybug)

Daughter Pain (short story – Saturday Evening Post)

Excellent Pets (children’s story – Spider)

Louder (cartoon – The Phoenix)

Decaf (cartoon – The Phoenix)

Cookie Logic (short story – Carte Blanche)

Who Owns a Book Is Rich (poem – Feathertale)

#Dead (cartoon – The Phoenix)

The Hollow Spot in My Head Where a Bullet Used to Be (short story – East of the Web)

The Ghost of a Computer (children’s story – Feathertale)

Angel Lady (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Chapel of the Pines (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Mr. Penny’s Dream (fiction – The Walrus)

The Book (fiction – The Walrus)

Ocean Beach (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Camp Faraway for Bitter Young Men (fiction – The Walrus)

People (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Onviblio (fiction – The Walrus)

Three Poems (Rattle)

Mr. Penny’s Seventh (fiction – The Walrus)

The Charrington Copter (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Eleven (cartoon – The Walrus)

Sweet Jimmy (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Unionize (cartoon – The Walrus)

A Walk in the Park (cartoon – The Walrus)

Mr. Penny Sees Red (short story – The Walrus)

Experience (cartoon – Harvard Business Review)

The Altruist (cartoon – The Walrus)

The Blue Night (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Dear Author (cartoon – The Walrus)

Charity Gate (short story – The Walrus)

Man on the Ledge (short story – Carte Blanche)

Hot Talk (cartoon – The Walrus)

Two Hearts (short story – The Walrus)

The Wrong Side of the Couch (cartoon – The Walrus)

Aunt May (short story – The Walrus)

Headshot (cartoon – The Walrus)

Requiescat in Pagliacci (cartoon – The Walrus)

Eduardo (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Above and Beyond (cartoon – The Walrus)

Blue Fortuna (short story – The  Walrus)

A Punctuated Romance (cartoon – The Walrus)

An Ostrich (short story – The Walrus)

Breaking News (cartoon – The Walrus)

The Dream Museum (short story – The Walrus)

Melodramas for Depressed Persons (short story – Saturday Evening Post)

A Window (short story – Smokelong)

The Ashtray (short story – Geist)

Draughts (short story – Birkensnake)

Sorry (cartoon – Harvard Business Review)

The Police Me Follow So (poem – Rattle)

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