Recent Pieces

Who Owns a Book Is Rich (poem – Feathertale)

#Dead (cartoon – The Phoenix)

Shine (cartoon – The Phoenix)

The Hollow Spot in My Head Where a Bullet Used to Be (short story – East of the Web)

(Biblio)maniac (essay – Qu)

The Ghost of a Computer (children’s story – Feathertale)

Angel Lady (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Chapel of the Pines (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Mr. Penny’s Dream (fiction – The Walrus)

The Book (fiction – The Walrus)

Ms. Blumenthol (fiction – The Walrus)

Ocean Beach (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Camp Faraway for Bitter Young Men (fiction – The Walrus)

People (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Onviblio (fiction – The Walrus)

Three Poems (Rattle)

Mr. Penny’s Seventh (fiction – The Walrus)

Chembera Bridge (fiction – The Walrus)

The Charrington Copter (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Charlie (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Eleven (cartoon – The Walrus)

Sweet Jimmy (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Unionize (cartoon – The Walrus)

Adventures with Writers  (flash fiction – The Walrus)

A Walk in the Park (cartoon – The Walrus)

Mr. Penny Sees Red (short story – The Walrus)

Experience (cartoon – Harvard Business Review)

The Altruist (cartoon – The Walrus)

The Blue Night (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Dear Author (cartoon – The Walrus)

Charity Gate (short story – The Walrus)

Man on the Ledge (short story – Carte Blanche)

Hot Talk (cartoon – The Walrus)

Two Hearts (short story – The Walrus)

The Wrong Side of the Couch (cartoon – The Walrus)

Aunt May (short story – The Walrus)

Headshot (cartoon – The Walrus)

The Authocalypse (short story – The Walrus)

Requiescat in Pagliacci (cartoon – The Walrus)

Eduardo (flash fiction – The Walrus)

Above and Beyond (cartoon – The Walrus)

Blue Fortuna (short story – The  Walrus)

A Punctuated Romance (cartoon – The Walrus)

Drunk (short story – The Litter I See Project)

An Ostrich (short story – The Walrus)

Breaking News (cartoon – The Walrus)

The Dream Museum (short story – The Walrus)

Melodramas for Depressed Persons (short story – Saturday Evening Post)

A Window (short story – Smokelong)

The Ashtray (short story – Geist)

Morally Bankrupt (cartoon – Punchnel’s; first published in Reader’s Digest Canada and Adbusters)

Draughts (short story – Birkensnake)

Sorry (cartoon – Harvard Business Review)

Cousin (short story – The Masters Review)

Cherries (short story – Punchnel’s – first published in Hayden’s Ferry Review)

The Police Me Follow So (poem – Rattle)

This Poem Has a Title (poem – elimae)


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