“You can dream … and dream the dreamer.”

“Dreamaway” is the new tune I wrote with Duke Sims. It’s from our 3rd collaborative EP, Cahoots III. Have a listen:

Hope you enjoy the song, friends.

Have a great day.

Plumstuff, my new book of poems and drawings, is now available.

☕ INTERVIEW: New York Magazine

Hello, friends – – –

I was recently interviewed by journalist Melissa Malamut, who asked me all sorts of questions about my infamous caffeine intake.

The resulting piece — published in New York Magazine’s Grub Street section — is out now.

I hope you peruse the interview when you get a chance — with a cup of coffee, of course.

Whisper: you can always buy me a coffee, too.

Have a great day, friends.

Cheers – – –

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Hello, Friends – – –

Presenting the lyric video for “The Fire,” the second single from Cahoots III, the new EP I co-wrote with collaborator Duke Sims.

It’s a simple tune, and I hope you like it. Just stare into the flame…

Take care, friends.

Cheers – – –


Hello, Friends – – –

In partnership with Cartoon Collections, you can now order coffee mugs, prints and t-shirts featuring my most popular cartoons.

Have a look at my Cartoonist Page: https://www.cartoonstock.com/cartoonists/rolli

Once you’ve clicked on a cartoon of interest, click on “Gifts” to see all the merchadise options.

I hope you see something you like!

Have a great week, friends.

Cheers – – –