Hello, Friends – – –

Presenting the lyric video for “The Fire,” the second single from Cahoots III, the new EP I co-wrote with collaborator Duke Sims.

It’s a simple tune, and I hope you like it. Just stare into the flame…

Take care, friends.

Cheers – – –


Hello, Friends – – –

In partnership with Cartoon Collections, you can now order coffee mugs, prints and t-shirts featuring my most popular cartoons.

Have a look at my Cartoonist Page: https://www.cartoonstock.com/cartoonists/rolli

Once you’ve clicked on a cartoon of interest, click on “Gifts” to see all the merchadise options.

I hope you see something you like!

Have a great week, friends.

Cheers – – –


Hello, Friends – – –

Did you know there’s only one bookstore in the world owned and operated by someone with a bonafide PhD in Coffee? It’s a Canadian bookstore called The Penny University, run by the famous Dr. Coffee. Her shop is now stocked with signed copies of my new collection of poems and drawings, Plumstuff. Help support indie bookstores by ordering a copy from her wonderful shop: https://shop.pennyu.ca/item/1yMUbTnZaD8-iCVoBOkBqA. Order today and receive a free mini art print.

Have a happy Indie Bookstore Day!

Cheers – – –

VIDEO POEM: Pick a side kindly

Hello, Friends – – –

I’d like to read you a poem from my new collection of poems and drawings, Plumstuff.

Grab a copy of Plumstuff at your favorite indie shop, the publisher’s website, Amazon USA and Amazon UK— or get a signed copy via The Rolli Shop.