Adult Fiction/Poetry

The Big T


A plane crash survivor…
A mad musicologist…
A mysterious woman…
A best-selling author…

The characters in The Big T, Rolli’s enigmatic new micro-collection, are victims, one and all. Of addiction and ill-health. Of brilliance and success. They are banal and phenomenal. They are you and I.

These twelve short short stories—flash fictions—exquisite miniatures—can be read in minutes. But they will linger in the brain, for days…

*With original illustrations by the author*

The Big T will be released digitally only, on April 1st, 2017. Order your copy today for only $2.

The Sea-Wave

The Sea Wave

*Longlisted for the 2017 Saboteur Award*

A flash fiction novel, The Sea-Wave details the aftermath of the kidnapping by an elderly and emotionally damaged man of a severely disabled, wheelchair-bound, unusually bright, depressive 12-year-old girl incapable of speech. The content of the novel consists of the girl’s entries in her diary-like memorandum book, entries which relate her own, surprising thoughts on her kidnapping, family, and disabilities, in addition to her verbatim transcriptions of the old man’s monologues, which appear to reveal, in fragments, the details of a very specific and unusual period in his life. As the pair can’t verbally communicate, the book is free of dialogue in the conventional sense. The emphasis, instead, is on character, and emotional effect.


“Tense, dark, unexpected, and revelatory — there’s a lot of atmosphere and emotion packed into Rolli’s The Sea-Wave.” – Open Book

“A boundary-pushing work that invites multiple readings.” – Necessary Fiction

“Eerily beautiful… I’ve encountered few books in which the narrative voice and the sense of mystery are so compelling.” – Neon Magazine

“With his highly original style, Rolli has succeeded exceptionally well in stimulating both imagination and empathy in The Sea-Wave.” – Transition

“However you want to categorize it, Rolli’s The Sea-Wave is a powerful read.” – This Is My Symphony

“I have not seen a published book experimenting with this style before, but I must admit I am in love.” – Allerdale Reviews

The Sea-Wave is available in bookstores everywhere. Or grab an autographed first edition at the Rolli Shop.

I Am Currently Working On a Novel


*Longlisted for the 2015 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award

*Shortlisted for the 2015 High Plains Book Award

*Shortlisted for the 2015 ReLit Award

“The more than 70 stories in I Am Currently Working on a Novel are as diverse as a telephone conversation or your average ocean. There are stories set in Hollywood, London, and the bottom of the sea. There are stories about ghosts and robots, love and Pointillism, death … and immortality. Though seldom longer than a few pages, there is more mystery and sadness and sheer mania in these slimmed-down fictions than a whole shelf-full of standard novels.”


“Deeply impressive. Each one of the stores in I Am Currently Working On A Novel is finely-crafted, a miniature triumph.” – Neon Magazine

“The stories are laugh-out-loud funny and when you’re done laughing you realize your heart hurts a little.” – Heavy Feather Review

“Wicked and wickedly funny.” – Transition Magazine

“Rolli’s eccentric, whimsical stories exhibit a style and a brand of comedy all his own.” – PANK Magazine.

“Rolli’s descriptions are crisp and strike with a thud of reality that is as disconcerting as it is eloquent.” – Flash Fiction Chronicles

“One cannot sit down with this book and read it cover to cover; it must be a wandering and a wondering journey, during which one lingers with outright laughter, reads pieces once or twice, and sometimes more, for sheer enjoyment of and admiration for such profligacy of imagination.” – Transition Magazine

“Witty, bizarre, imaginative and often disturbing.” – Billings Gazette

“As dazzling as they are brilliant, these stories are bursting with life. They sing. And they’re very funny too.” – Nik Perring, author of Freaks!

“Because this is a magic book, as you absorb its people you begin to realize that the real people around you are and have always been impossible.” – Brian Conn, editor of Birkensnake

I Am Currently Working On a Novel is available at better bookstores, AmazonAmazon Canada, Amazon UK,  Chapters/Indigo and Powell’s.

Mavor’s Bones: A Gothic Novel-in-Poems

MB cover

*Shortlisted for the 2015 ReLit Award

I have been dreaming
those dreams     of meaning
that come from the waters
of dreaming     deep
like drowned men
to the gold skin
of the ocean

Company’s come. In a ramshackle mansion, meet a family in the same condition—ancient, decayed. There’s the brooding Duke, and his riotous brother. There’s Grandam, lost in wilds of herself. There’s a vicar, a philosopher, an angel, a ghost or two. And somewhere above them all, in a ruined garret…


“The best book of poetry this reviewer has stumbled across in a long, long time.” – Red Paint Hill

“In an already variegated poetry scene, it’s saying something to say this is something different.” – Vallum

“A mind-bending transformative journey.” – Transition Magazine

“Lyrical and shivery. Rolli writes an old style for new generations.” – NxEW

“Original, never-to-be-duplicated characters, plot, and setting.” – Transition Magazine

“By turns delightfully black, singingly lyrical and/or innocently nonsensical. Here is a poet outside the mainstream with his own refreshingly original voice and bone(s) to pick.” – Gillian Harding-Russell, author of I Forgot to Tell You

5 x 8 | 121 pages. ISBN 978-1-926716-30-5 (pbk.) | $15.88

Available at better bookstores, Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble – and autographed at the Rolli Shop!

 God’s Autobio


The short stories in God’s Autobio, Rolli’s debut collection, are impossible, quite probable, and everything in between. There’s a story about a man with a ridiculously huge coupon; about an elderly woman who befriends a frenzied robotic chimpanzee; about an overzealous, if increasingly masochistic butler. Plus twenty-three other surreal, sublime, and satirical creations by Canadian writer/poet/artist Rolli, recipient of the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award, and one of the winners of the 2008/2009 Commonwealth Short Story Competition. Available from Amazon,, – or order a signed copy here.


“I did not expect to have this much fun reading.” – PANK

“A sustained reminder of the vast potential for words in any medium, from agonising pathos up through the deepest, most beautiful, poetry and on to the lightest hilarity.” – The Uncustomary Book Review

“Rolli has achieved greatness with God’s Autobio.” – Zouch Magazine

“A must have for lovers of original and cutting edge literature.” – Tuck Magazine

“Not only enjoyable, but necessary.” – Heavy Feather Review

“A carefully constructed body of work that hangs together as a cohesive whole.” – Conium Review

“Profundity and hilarity pervade the collection with a feverish regularity.” – Heavy Feather Review

“Crazy, sensitive, intellectual, devilish, sardonic.” – The Uncustomary Book Review

“Rolli’s short stories carry an inimitable signature of imagination, understanding and humor, delivered with a skill that is both literary and entertaining. Bravo!” – T.D. Johnston, Short Story America

Plum Stuff


Literate. Illiterate. Bewitching…. In his debut collection—a nine part whimsical discourse—Canadian author/artist Rolli waxes poetic about everything under “the muscular sun.” There are poems about peaches and plums, about desperate celebs and monster poets, mistresses and mummified cats. Strange, celebratory, self-mocking, these are poems to be gulped down like summer fruit. By Canada’s Rolli, recipient of the 2007 John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award; and a winner of the 2008/2009 Commonwealth Short Story Competition. With full-color illustrations by the author. Available from Amazon,, – or order a signed copyhere.


“Witty and bizarre … nothing short of Wonderland!” – Writers News Weekly

“[The] whimsical drawings … fit the playful texts. The poems leap and cavort.” – The Montreal Review

“The author’s gift for using words and images … is a delight. 8th House Publishing has found a work that may serve as a cry of the author’s generation.” – Transition Magazine