The Murder Twins

Formed during the Great Boredom (of Covid), Murder Twins is an unsigned duo consisting of thirty-something cousins Nathaniel and Roland Collins. Their specialty is brooding, piano-driven tunes with exemplary melodies and lyrics. Nathaniel (Nathan) is a classically trained pianist and the team’s lead vocalist. Roland (Rolli) – well-known for his books, cartoons, and vast social media following – provides the songwriting, and additional vocals.

Murder Twins is eager to record its debut album, having amassed a large collection of original songs. Links to live demos for a number of these can be found below:

Other Collaborations

My musical debut – a three-song EP, Cahoots – is now available. The songs were co-written with Brooklyn singer/songwriter Duke Sims, who sang/produced the tracks.

Streaming/Download Options:

Listen to the first single, “Somebody Take Me Home,” below.