A million thanks to everyone who came to my book signing today in Regina. Here I am with writer friends Sharon Plumb, Alison Lohans and Coffee. A million additional thanks to the Duchess of Cornwall – – – for the coffee.


ESSAY: (Biblio)maniac


I wrote an essay for Qu. About my sad, sad history of bibliomania. Read it, if you like.


A few things, briskly, between coffees:

Dreamed I was burgled, and in the process tied to a coat rack – with licorice rope. All that kept me from chewing through the rope (a very simple thing), and apprehending the thieves AS THEY MADE OFF WITH ALL MY FIRST EDITIONS, was my rabid abhorrence of licorice. So I’d no choice but to sit there on the floor, softly weeping, and watch them empty the bookshelves.


Pleased to report that “Von Claire and the Tiger” – my tale of a wobbly professor who’s eaten by a Big Cat – has been named Story of the Week by Short Story America. Read it now on the SSA website (you’ll have to register, but it’s free), and next year in their paperback anthology/Kindle ebook.


NOW AVAILABLE – the new issue of The Labletter, featuring my poem “Bev (of the Selfish Same Hills).” Why not pick up a copy?


On the children’s front, read my new poem “Bat,” in the current issue of COLUMBIAKids; and look for a short story, “BeeGirl,” in an upcoming Bumples.


COMING SOON – poems and stories in Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Quarterly West, Antigonish Review, Feathertale Review, Wascana Review, and plenty of other reviews.


Gotta run. My coffee needs me.