FLASH FICTION: The Hollow Spot in My Head Where a Bullet Used to Be


A brand-new short story. Published today in East of the Web. Read it here.



ESSAY: (Biblio)maniac


I wrote an essay for Qu. About my sad, sad history of bibliomania. Read it, if you like.


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The second ebook, Jelly, is a collection of twelve children’s stories. Some of the stories have appeared in popular magazines like Spider and Ladybug. Many of these, too, have never been published…

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POEM: The News Turned On and Saw

The News Turned On and Saw


my dark-

stained coffee



on tabletop

the glow


of grapefruit

sliced by light

of kitchen win-




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POEM: I Am Become One Rose


I Am Become One Rose


I am become one rose

of the starlit garden



will we crisp




the summer rain

soft again


From Mavor’s Bones