POEM: The News Turned On and Saw

The News Turned On and Saw


my dark-

stained coffee



on tabletop

the glow


of grapefruit

sliced by light

of kitchen win-




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POEM: I Am Become One Rose


I Am Become One Rose


I am become one rose

of the starlit garden



will we crisp




the summer rain

soft again


From Mavor’s Bones




A severely disabled, mute, unusually bright 12-year-old girl…
An ancient, enigmatic man, her captor…
An endless wave that comes and goes forever…
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REVIEW: Quill and Quire

“With some fantasies you’re invited to wade in, discovering the principles, nature, and backstories of the invented world step by step. Others are best approached by diving in at the deep end. Kabungo is the latter sort; take a deep breath and do a cannonball.”

From Quill and Quire‘s rave new review of Kabungo. Read the full article here.