The Deadliest Animal Is a Bored Intellectual

Hello, Friends —

I write songs, on occasion.

I recently wrote a pair of tunes — “Palm Trees” and “October Moon/Autumn Leaves.”

“Palm Trees” is a bitter number, “October Moon/Autumn Leaves” a melancholy one.

My first cousin Nathan was kind enough to perform the songs live this weekend in an abandoned church.

Have a listen.

“Palm Trees:”

“October Moon/Autumn Leaves:”

Thanks for listening, friends.


Hello, Friends —

I’m happy to announce the release of CAHOOTS II, a 3-song indie rock EP co-written with Duke Sims, lead singer of the ubiquitous New York City band Shinobi Ninja.

Have a listen to the punk-poppy lead single, “Rock’s On the Brink of Extinction.”

You might like track two, too. “Muddafuggin” has an 80s vibe.

The third and final track, “I Wrecked My Guitar,” blends metal and jazz.

The EP is dedicated to my friend Mike, who recently and unexpectedly passed away.

CAHOOTS II is available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming services. It was produced by Duke Sims and recorded at Willy B Labs in Brooklyn, New York. All vocals by Duke Sims. I supplied the cover art, too.

Thanks for listening, friends.

Cheers —

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🔪The Murder Twins

Hello, Friends —

This is just to let you know that my cousin Nathan and I have decided to form a musical duo called The Murder Twins.

Our specialty is brooding, piano-driven tunes with exemplary melodies and lyrics.

Nathan is a classically trained pianist and the duo’s lead vocalist.

I provide the songwriting and additional vocals as needed.

We’re currently hunting for a record deal. In the meantime, check out some of our demos, below:

Have a great day.


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😱I Could Scream Here😱

Photo: Michael C / Unsplash

Hello, Friends…

I wrote you a new song called “In the Shadows.” My talented cousin Nathan performed it live — in an abandoned church.

Bonus: a second song, “She Walks in Beauty.” I wrote the melody; the lyrics are courtesy of my dear friend Lord Byron.

These songs are essentially demos. Feel free to share them with anyone who might be interested in recording studio versions.


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A Black Cloud Breathed

Hello, Friends.

I was feeling autumnal, so wrote you a pair of melancholy songs.

My cousin Nathan Pylypuk, who sings and plays a great deal better than I do, agreed to perform them live — in an abandoned church.

I really like the results, and invite you to have a listen — and read (the lyrics can be found in the video descriptions).

The first song is called “Our Hearts Were Full of Wine.”

The second song is “What We’re Coming To.”

There’s a third song, too. But it isn’t finished. Watch for it in a couple weeks.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, friends.

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💀When the Reaper Comes Along

🎵When the Reaper comes along,

he can take away my body –

but he can never take my song.🎵

My friend Duke Sims and I wrote you a song. “When the Reaper Comes Along” is the third and final track from our EP CAHOOTSnow streaming everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the song, friends.

What have you been up to?


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