The City of Unknown Poets

Illustration by Rolli

Hello, Friends —

I have a poem in the new issue of Short Edition. Read it online — or in Short Story Dispensers worldwide.

Cheers —


NEWS: A Story (And a Poem) for Children!

Hello, Friends.

Just letting you know that my latest story for children, “One Gum Bubble,” has been published in Short Circuit. You can read it here – and find it in short story dispensers the world over.

My latest children’s poem, as well, was just published in Orbit. Peruse it below.

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🔪 I Have a New Poem in Rattle Magazine

Hello, friends.

This is just a quick note to let you know that my new poem, “A wrong opinion,” is live over at Rattle. Check it out.

The poem was submitted to the magazine’s Poets Respond series. If you’re interested in submitting, too — they pay well and have a large readership — here are the guidelines:

Because of the nature of the traditional publication apparatus, poetry doesn’t often respond in a timely way to current events — but we think it could. To test this hypothesis, we’d like to try publishing a poem online each Sunday (if we receive any that we like) that responds to a news story or public event from the previous week, and has been written in the time since.

Selected poems will appear as the Sunday poem at, with occasional extra poems Tuesday or Thursday, which are fed to over 10,000 people via our RSS feed and daily email service. Poets will receive $100 and a complimentary subscription to the print magazine.

The deadline for each week is Friday at midnight PST. The poems must respond to news that occurred in the previous week, and have been written in the time since.

Include a brief explanation as to what the poem is about. Feel free to submit to this category as often as you’d like, even within the same week, and even if you have other general, tribute, or contest submissions pending.

Click here to access Rattle’s submissions portal.

Happy submitting, friends.

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