“A Book for Those Who Truly Love Words”

Hello, Friends – – –

A third review of Plumstuff, my new book of poems and drawings, was published today in Cloud Lake Literary. Have a look:


If you’re intersted in ordering a copy, click here.

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Energy and Playfulness and Good Humor: A Review of Plumstuff

Hello, Friends:

I’m happy to share the first review of my new book of poems and drawings, Plumstuff.

Writing for The Poetry Question, reviewer Steve Henn invites readers to “Sit with these poems. Give them a 2nd or third go-round. Let them marinate the brain a bit so you can fully savor the flavor.”

Check out the full review here.

And don’t forget to grab a copy of Plumstuff at your favorite indie shop, the publisher’s websiteAmazon USA and Amazon UK— or get a signed copy via The Rolli Shop.