My final story for The Walrus. As you may know, I no longer write stories for them.

“The Angel Lady” is a chapter from my forthcoming flash novel The Sea-Wave, which will be published this fall by Guernica Editions.

Read “The Angel Lady” here. And order your signed, advance copy of The Sea-Wave here.

Thanks for reading.




Sorry to say…


The editors of The Walrus have decided, quite unexpectedly and without intelligible explanation, nine months into an agreed-upon one year term, that my services as resident creative columnist are no longer required.

There will be no more stories…

But I enjoyed writing them–enormously. And I want to thank you for reading them, even more enormously.

I don’t know that it would help, but notes of disappointment or support sent to the editor-in-chief (letters@thewalrus.ca) and the publisher (shelley.ambrose@thewalrus.ca) would do no harm. Nor would tweets in the same vein sent to @walrusmagazine…

Again, thanks for reading.

We’ll meet again.