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Love Goes Away

My Mistress had been sleeping. On a sofa in the Rose Parlor.

She opened her eyes.

“Love goes away. You wouldn’t… Who would guess? That it’s possible. It goes away. More … than anything, that one thing. If it could stay. Living. It wouldn’t be, so difficult.

“You could lose … your livelihood. A limb. Someone. Anything. You could lose anything. But that, is everything. It’s losing everything.

“It goes away. Love goes away. You’ll fall asleep, being loved. You’ll wake up. One morning. And it’s gone. Like a dream. It’s gone away. It’s gone.

She closed her eyes, my Mistress. She appeared tranquil.

I did not disturb her.

I Drew You…


… a cat nap.

A Thought Par-


A thought par-

tridge sits

in my will-



I will day wait






I will day wait


for its fal-




I Drew You…

Virginia Woolf 1

… Virginia Woolf. Order the print here.

I Drew You…


… Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Get the print.

I Drew You…

Jane Austen

… Jane Austen. Like? Get the print here.

I Drew You…


… Claude Monet.

I Drew You…


… Leon Trotsky.

“The best book of poetry this reviewer has stumbled across in a long, long time.”

MB cover3

Says Jesi Buell for Red Paint Hill. Read the full review here.

Van Gogh Only With Both Ears…

… aka a new interview, for you. Read it here.


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