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My next book – a collection of 70+ flash fictions – will be published on June 1st by Tightrope Books. From the back cover:

“The more than 70 stories in I Am Currently Working on a Novel are as diverse as a telephone conversation or your average ocean. There are stories set in Hollywood, London, and the bottom of the sea. There are stories about ghosts and robots, love and Pointillism, death … and immortality. Though seldom longer than a few pages, there is more mystery and sadness and sheer mania in these slimmed-down fictions than a whole shelf-full of standard novels.”

If you’d like to be among the first to own a copy of I Am Currently Working On a Novel, pre-order today at Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Chapters/Indigo, or Barnes and Nobles.



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She is not always somber, my Mistress. She will often, when she is occupied with something – a conversation, a game of draughts – grow vigorous, as if she has made a great discovery of happiness. She will sit upright; turn her head sharply; she will even smile. She outgrows herself at such moments, in the manner of an opening rose. It is a remarkable alteration. If my Master observes it, he will grin – though he is himself a reflective man. He will set down his novel, and watch her. He too grows animated. And yet his expression is not only of pleasure, but also anxiety. He is never more pleased, I do not think, or more anxious, than when his wife shows enjoyment. It is a peculiar thing.

But they are not lasting, these humors of my Mistress. Soon again, she settles into herself. She closes. She grows distracted, and seems not to remember that she was speaking of her old companion, or crowning a piece. Her smile declines… She is once again melancholy.

And my Master. He shudders. He lowers his head; he opens his novel. He appears to read, but does not turn a page. He will remain so for many minutes – at times, then entire evening.

It is a peculiar thing.




… aka a new cartoon, for you. View it here. Order the print here.




A new cartoon, for you. Inspect it here. Buy a print here.




It’s for you. A new cartoon. Right here. Like? Order the print.




A new cartoon, for you. View it here. Mad about it? Order a print.




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Oh so sorry,

Cookie Lorrie,

but you’ve got to come!

The world has fallen

all to bits – it’s

nothing but a crumb.


So step inside, and take a seat

upon the Wondrous Cookie Sheet.

I’ll tie a cape around your neck

and bake you hard as clay.

In all thy crispy glory, Cookie Lorrie,

save the day!


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