Lights … Camera … Cigarettes

My short story “The Ashtray” is being made into a film

Hello, Friends — 

An announcement…

Vancouver-based media company Digital and Live Entertainment has optioned my short story “The Ashtray” and will be developing it into a feature-length film, with Jennesia Pedri attached to direct. Digital and Live Entertainment is best known for their work on Watchmen, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocal and dozens of other films and tv series.

“The Ashtray” is the story of the improbable friendship that springs up between an ancient, chain-smoking woman and an awkward teen misfit. The story was first published in Geist and also appeared in my second, out-of-print story collection I Am Currently Working on a Novel.

I can’t wait to see the film come to fruition. In the meantime, you can read “The Ashtray” online. And don’t forget to check out Jennesia Pedri’s delightfully dark short film The Alderson Murder on YouTube.

Cheers — 


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